An Overview to the Concept of Future House Canada

We are facing a planetary emergency. This statement may sound harsh but it is deadly accurate as a description of the situation we now face. More and more greenhouse gases are accumulating trapping more and more heat from the sun in our atmosphere. Our stable climate balance crucial for the development of human civilization is being seriously threatened.

We now know that global warming is real; the risks it poses are real. Twenty of the 21 hottest years ever measured in atmospheric record have occurred in the last 25 years. 2005 was the hottest of all and this year is on track to be the second hottest. We may lose the entire north polar ice cap in as little as five to seven years. Millions of people in China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the United States will be displaced as more than 2 million square miles of coastal lands become flooded. We are already experiencing chaotic weather events in the form of droughts, floods and hurricanes. Not surprisingly, deforestation accounts for 20 percent of global carbon emissions – the equivalent to the total emissions of the U.S. or China.

People have a responsibility to do something. In an effort to confront the climate crisis and growing energy concerns head on, China has commissioned the Future House International Sustainable Energy Community to be built and exhibited during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This project sponsored by the Ministry of Construction of China consists of ten model homes built by ten countries. Among those invited to participate is Canada.

Cenith Energy Corporation, a leading engineering, consulting and project development company employing green building principles, will represent Canada in the building of Future House Canada, a net-zero energy home and demonstration center to showcase Canadian innovations in renewable energies and sustainable housing design, construction and technology. Future House Canada and the Future House International Sustainable Energy Community Project is part of China’s concerted effort to shape the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as a ‘Green Olympics’.

China is also aware that they must address their emerging role as the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter. As China continues modernizing and participating in global economic activities, human health and environmental impacts will need serious attention. One area that has not modernized as quickly within the Chinese economy is housing. In the next decade, over 100 million homes are planned for construction in China and Future House Canada will provide Canadian solutions to improve energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air and overall environmental quality and sustainability. China has expressed interest in cooperating with countries like Canada by incorporating Canadian technology to bring up to date the standard for homes in China for the next 30 years.

The Ministry of Construction, China, allocated Cenith Energy Corporation 7,000 square feet of land on which to build Future House Canada. The building itself is approximately 6,500 square feet. As part of Future House International Sustainable Energy Community, Future House Canada is located in Changping District, Beijing, China, eight (8) km north of the Master Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Over 5 million people from around the world are anticipated to visit Future House Canada.

Upon its projected completion in May 2008, Future House Canada will serve as offices, training centers and the exhibition site of Canadian corporations and organizations in Beijing China showcasing Canadian products, services and technologies to Chinese and global audiences alike. Prior to the opening of the Olympic Games in August 2008, members of the Chinese Ministry, local and international businesses and other diplomatic leaders will tour this international demonstration project. After the conclusion of the games, Future House Canada will remain open to the public for six years until 2014. The Future House Canada project presents a unique opportunity for sponsors, developers, suppliers and other participants to be recognized on the world stage for excellence in Canadian environmental stewardship and leadership.