How Toilet Manufacturers in Canada are Helping the Environment

06. February 2017 news 0

If we are going to maintain a safe environment in the world, everyone has to do their part. Canada is a beautiful country and the people tend to be very eco-friendly. There is a strong emphasis placed on conservation. Wasting valuable assets that sustain life are a huge priority. One of those assets is water. Can you think of an area where water literally goes down the drain every day? How about the bathroom? Did you know that the average toilet uses 6 gallons of water every time it is flushed? Imagine how many times a large family might flush their toilet during the course of the day. This could amount to a loss of some 50,000 gallons of water per year. This number is startling, but Canadian manufacturers offer eco-friendly solutions to this problem. Let’s discuss how toilet manufacturers in Canada are helping the environment. How Canadian Toilet Manufacturers are saving Water Water conservation in Canada is monitored by the Canadian Standards Association. This association is responsible for establishing the water consumption standard for the entire country. They will not certify a toilet unless it is designed to consume 6 litres (1.6 gallons) of water for the standard flush. This has caused Canadian manufacturers to take a “green” direction. Here are some of the eco-friendly toilets these manufacturers are producing to adhere to the standards: The Dual Flush – How does this toilet work? You guessed it! It offers two ways to flush. It is common sense to assume that it takes more water to flush solid waste than non-solid waste. This toilet only utilizes 1.6 litres (1.6 gal) for solid waste flushes. For the non-solid waste, it only uses 2.3 litres (0.79 gal). Studies have concluded that these products saved a home nearly 70% of the water used by single flush toilets. Compost Toilets – The compost toilet is waterless. That’s right; it does not use hardly any water or none at all. This makes this choice very eco-friendly for water conservation. This process is extremely efficient, but it can also be quite costly. The bathroom has to be equipped with a ventilation unit to filter the fumes outside the home. Canadian toilet manufacturers are doing their part to conserve water and develop eco-friendly products. Water is a necessary life-sustaining element that should never be wasted. It is inspiring that toilet manufacturers in Canada are helping the environment with new and exciting technology..

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